What do a young lady with tulips, an engine cylinder head and a box of crackers have in common?   .....They all have been in Techtol's patented imaging system module.



Techtol Imaging, LLC is an Ohio based company specializing in the production, delivery and presentation of custom rotational images.  For examples of the rotation, click on the images of the woman, automotive cylinder block and cracker box above.  Double click on any area of the image for a high resolution zoom.  These images were produced with modified cameras utilizing our patented production system.  The resulting images can be easily and quickly incorporated into a wide variety of presentations and exhibitions, including; websites, training modules, marketing programs, product catalogs, e-novels, e-textbooks, conference slideshows, classroom lectures, laboratory manuals and any publication imaginable. Image subject size can range from a few inches to 6 feet or more, all rendered with high resolution and true color balance. Many more examples and technical details can be found at the Images and Technology links. Envision your presentation, book or catalog enhanced with amazing rotational imagery. Let Techtol help make it happen.